PM Imran: Government to announce Rs. 100 billion package for construction industry

This Thursday, Prime Minister Imran Khan announced a reveal of a Rs. 100 billion package by the government for the construction industry. This package comes as a part of government efforts to keep the country’s economy stable during the current coronavirus situation. This was announced by the PM Imran while addressing a ceremony in Islamabad.

“We have decided we will give necessary incentives to the construction industry in order to provide job opportunities to people during this time of crisis.”

He continued,

“We will support the industrial sector and give them incentives. The commerce ministry has also prepared a list of industries which can be reopened in the current situation.”

The PM said that there won’t be a spread of coronavirus through construction work like building roads and other infrastructure. He assured that the government will develop special SOPs – Standard Operating Procedures, to ensure the safety of all involved in the projects.

PM Imran Khan added that it is important to support the business community in order to take the country forward,

“The refund of Rs100 billion announced today for the business community is a part of that process. We are ensuring timely refunds to the business community so that they do not face any liquidity issue,”

He assured that the commerce ministry was working hand-in0hand with the business community to reach at a solution on how best to overcome the challenges posed by COVID-19.

Concerning the situation of the virus in Pakistan, the PM said that the trajectory did not blow up as compared to other countries.

“I am confident that Pakistan will overcome this problem,”

He expressed concern for the economically weaker sectors of the society, saying that they were at greater risk, and to help them the government is trying to reach out through the Ehsaas Program.

“A cash grant of twelve thousand rupees each will be given to 12 million poor families to protect them from the negative impacts of the crisis,”

Hafeez Sheikh, Adviser on Finance also spoke on the occasion. He revealed that tax refunds valuing Rs. 100 billion will be completed in a week.

He remarked that it was a historic step for the present government to clear all outstanding sales tax refunds.

The Finance Adviser said that apart from the packages for the business community, the government has earmarked Rs200 billion for the procurement of wheat in order to support the agriculture sector and farmers.



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