Sindh gets automation in real estate sector to eliminate corruption

On Sunday, the Sindh Government automated the entire process of property transactions. The move comes with an objective of empowering the people to forego mediators, who are a source of corruption. All of this can be done in the comfort of their homes.

The system assists people by allowing the following facilities:

  1. No-objection certificates (NOCs),
  2. Property selling documents
  3. Verifications
  4. Registration of the property

The Department of Revenue is responsible for the installation of the system. This system will also concentrate on computerizing existing data on properties, revenue management and assurance of accessible, easy information.

The new system, dubbed in short as LARMS will soon be operational in Sindh. This will also include a service for home delivery which will incur some extra charges.

Finally, E-stamp papers are also being introduced in a modern solution to the various frauds involving fake stamp papers.




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